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Optimize your operations and grow your business with Hadi Finance's tools and services. Retailers can access inventory financing through their Distributors to increase their inventory restock size, empowering them to grow their business.


Inventory Financing

Ensure an uninterrupted supply of goods despite a lack of capital. We enable distributors to provide inventory financing to retailers, where we cover the cost of goods and retailers repay us when they make sales.


Cashless Payments

Facilitate digital payments for retailers with our unique "pay with transfer" option. By accepting digital payments, they can enhance their credit profile.

Empower Your Business

Hadi understands your needs, creates innovative solutions that meet market demands and revolutionize your business operations

Credit and Cashless Payments

Benefits for Retailers

Access credit, enable cashless payments, and preserve cash for strategic investments. Our lending partners cover inventory costs, repayable upon product sales.

Enhance your Sales

Benefits for Distributor

Supercharge your sales and business growth with our platform. Experience tripled efficiency in order processing and cash flow while offering credit options to customers without risk. Unlock inventory financing to free up cash for other business essentials.

Trusted Sales Experience

Buy from Trusted Distributors

Escape overpriced markets. Connect with trusted distributors through Hadi for better pricing and greater profitability.

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